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 Crap.... (OAS and OC43)
Wishiunderstood 157 posts, incept 2008-12-17
2021-05-18 08:12:28

It's unbelievable to me that so many took this jab knowing nothing about it. I'm grateful that you are looking into all of this.

Everyone here in NY is masked even when alone outside and many alone in their car. Parents keep their kids masked even outside. I see masked kids in grocery stores that look younger than two to me, parents keep pulling the masks up. School budget vote coming up and flyer they mailed to explain budget had pictures of what looked like a kindergarten class sitting outside in the sunshine all spaced apart and masked sitting on the ground with little plastic tables in front of them about to have their snacks. Also had pictures of cheerleaders cheering in masks outside, football and soccer games outside, players and everyone else masked. Every time I go out and see it I can't take it. I'm not even sure what happened because I didn't think the mask was "required" outside, even by that asshole Cuomo. How can a parent put that mask on their baby, or not fight to keep it off of their kids in school? People are either morons or brainwashed or I guess both. I think many will ignore the eased restrictions coming tomorrow and vax rate here is high. We'll see. They'll probably race their kids in to get vaxed as soon as they can from everything I see around me here. SURROUNDED by jackasses!! :(
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