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 Crap.... (OAS and OC43)
Chromehill 1k posts, incept 2010-03-03
2021-05-17 21:49:09

"Insufficient facts, always invites danger" - Spock

Everyday, it is looking more and more like major danger here we come.

I had someone accuse me of not getting the vaccine because I probably believe that it will inject micro chips into me (these lunatics are out there, this refers to the person complaining). I responded, that I am low risk, there is no longer term safety data, you are participating in a phase III safety trial and if there is a problem, you cannot untake it. Person shut up.

As a society we are fucked. It is now legal to not wear a mask indoors, yet 50% of people still do. I still see people wearing them outside.

'Power, like the reproductive muscle, longs to be exercised, often without judgement or right' - Gerry Spence

"Above all, while defending our own vital interests, nuclear powers
Mtdm 1k posts, incept 2009-07-23
2021-05-18 08:10:43

Seven young (20-ish) hikers outside at the trailhead the other day. Hanging around chatting. All masked. All standing at some distance from each other. A year ago I might have been inclined to question them about their insanity. Now? Theyre a lost cause: ignore and move on. If they all die because of their vaxxines? Is it a net loss for our society and our nation? No. Darwinism is needed around here. We could do a lot worse than to create a circumstance where critical thinking is selected for, not against.
Mannfm11 9k posts, incept 2009-02-28
2021-05-18 08:10:54

Too bad I can't back up the armored car, kill the guard and get rich, like the DC criminals do. Didn't you post something that indicated immunity to OC43 protected you from CV19?

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
Tsherry 15k posts, incept 2008-12-09
2021-05-18 08:11:03

"So not only do we have to rent photoshop from adobe, now they want us all to rent our lives from the pharmaceutical companies."

I run CS6. Fuck Adobe.

I also still have all the previous versions back to the early 1990's, and PageMaker.

And hardware that will still run them....

Pharms, not much I can do about that but stay away from them.

IQ plus a promethean mindset matters.-Eleua

1 Thessalonians 4:11 Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that
Ktrosper 6k posts, incept 2010-04-06
2021-05-18 08:11:18

re: ration of neutralizing vs non-neutralizing ABs any one person has.

They'll all be a bit different, right. So those who only took 1 of 2 jabs will get nailed by 43 first, as they have fewer neutralizing ABs. They'll be blamed for not having completed the required 2 shot deal.

Then those who simply produced fewer neutralizing ABs will get hit, then lots of neutralizing ABs which are simply aging out over time. That's when we'll hear nonstop 24/7 gaslighting about boosters, etc.

The unexamined life is not worth living.-Socrates
The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.-Aristotle
Liberty exists now in the spaces government has not yet ch
Themacallan 92 posts, incept 2008-03-29
2021-05-18 08:11:31

What a paper. The Mount Sinai team has achieved "saying it without saying it" to perfection.

There is no good response to this paper. I had nothing more than hope that it wouldn't be bad as we moved forward, but that may be gone based on this research. The situation will place a substantial portion of the otherwise healthy "study participants" at the prime virus season with a likely abundance of binding antibodies and little/no neutralizing antibodies...ADE.

"This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it." ~Admiral Josh Painter, The Hunt for Red October.
Samiam 152 posts, incept 2021-05-11
2021-05-18 08:12:01

@tickerguy, what's the name of the paper or the authors? I'd like to show it to my hubby...trying to convince him not to take the jab since he most likely has it right now (all the symptoms except a fever now but his first test came back negative....go figure)...he works for bigpharma and I just have a lowly theater degree so what do I know...Thank you!

Not my monkey, not my circus
Samiam 152 posts, incept 2021-05-11
2021-05-18 08:12:08

Never mind! Just saw that link...duh! You can delete the other comment if you want!

Not my monkey, not my circus
Asimov 150k posts, incept 2007-08-26
2021-05-18 08:12:16

Chromehill: There are a number of memes running around out there to minimize the concerns of people who don't want the vaccine. That's one of them. The magnets thing is another.

Anything they can do to make people who decide not to take the vaccine look like idiots or fools, they are. And it's an obvious campaign with money behind it too, because these things explode from the beginning instead of moving gradually. They're not funny enough to do that on their own.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
Wishiunderstood 157 posts, incept 2008-12-17
2021-05-18 08:12:28

It's unbelievable to me that so many took this jab knowing nothing about it. I'm grateful that you are looking into all of this.

Everyone here in NY is masked even when alone outside and many alone in their car. Parents keep their kids masked even outside. I see masked kids in grocery stores that look younger than two to me, parents keep pulling the masks up. School budget vote coming up and flyer they mailed to explain budget had pictures of what looked like a kindergarten class sitting outside in the sunshine all spaced apart and masked sitting on the ground with little plastic tables in front of them about to have their snacks. Also had pictures of cheerleaders cheering in masks outside, football and soccer games outside, players and everyone else masked. Every time I go out and see it I can't take it. I'm not even sure what happened because I didn't think the mask was "required" outside, even by that asshole Cuomo. How can a parent put that mask on their baby, or not fight to keep it off of their kids in school? People are either morons or brainwashed or I guess both. I think many will ignore the eased restrictions coming tomorrow and vax rate here is high. We'll see. They'll probably race their kids in to get vaxed as soon as they can from everything I see around me here. SURROUNDED by jackasses!! :(
Janiem 11 posts, incept 2020-04-04
2021-05-18 11:12:35

"Yeah, if I gave enough of a **** I'd put some time into writing some code to yank it. I'm not sure I've got the motivation to do that."

I understand and your time is your own Karl, but it sure would be a GREAT nail to put in their coffin (sorry for the morbid pun!)

Do it Do it Do it Do it!
Ponzi_unit 11k posts, incept 2007-09-05
2021-05-18 12:41:14

Feeling a bit cowardly, I only sent this ticker out to people who I know have not taken the vaccine.

If you tell people you don't take the vaccine they tell you that they feel a 'whole lot better' and then if you ask them, about what?

They get angry to know someone lives life close to normal and not in absolute fear.

Taxpayers witnessed a crime and stayed around long enough to get charged with it.
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2021-05-18 17:54:48

I live in Ohio and our honorable (not) governor Mike DeWine has instituted a Five million dollar lottery for those who get the death jab. I am not sorry you jackass of a politician. My life and my health are worth far more than a million dollars. Ain't Gonna Happen.
Themacallan 92 posts, incept 2008-03-29
2021-05-18 19:30:37

This data, combined with the headline that 600K 12 - 15 year olds were jabbed, is depressing.

Kids who would have been otherwise fine being subject to so many different risks is awful.

"This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it." ~Admiral Josh Painter, The Hunt for Red October.
Uwe 10k posts, incept 2009-01-03
2021-05-19 08:56:52

KD wrote..
Then in comes the nice pharma dude who tells you to take this booster shot, which by the way isn't free and for which the price goes up every year

Classic "pusher" behavior. Give some away for free, just enough to get people addicted, thereby turning them into reliable, repeat customers.

It's even better when the pusher can get the party host to pay for those initial doses.

"Corona Virus will come and go, but government will NEVER forget how easy it was to take control of everyone's life; to control every sporting event, classroom, restaurant table, church p
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-05-19 08:57:26

@Uwe - Yep; I was explaining this to a dude in the bar the other night and said "this is exactly like a crack dealer -- the first hit is free!"

He got it.

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Repairmanmatt 11 posts, incept 2021-05-18
2021-05-19 13:05:38

The effects of the syndrome described in the Mt Sinai study will come sooner rather than later. Its estimated that over 100 million have taken the shot. When they begin to drop, chaos will reign. Couple this with the absolute destruction of the small business economy which has already been accomplished but is being hidden from view by PPP, mortgage deferral, banning evictions and the ridiculous federal unemployment payments. Anyone currently participating in these benefit schemes has been captured and made a virtual dependent of .gov. Will they stand and fight the very system keeping them fed, housed and provided with medical treatment?
The SARSCoV-2 mediation plan has been planned and executed to produce willing compliant serfs.
How many of us have served or spent time in a desperate third world nations? Seen the desperation on the faces of parents whose children lie starving? they will do anything asked.
For those who currently know plenty due to a market which has manifested hyperinflation due to unlimited excess liquidity (Magic Fed Money) understand that the really evil unknown origin Cyber-Hackers can render your buffer to $0.00. should they choose to take down any number of critical infrastructures for more than a few days. (See the madness caused by the pipeline shutdown in the Market Tickers article from last week)
The destruction of the world economy/supply lines is not a byproduct of SARSCoV-2 mitigation efforts. It was the Plan.

Ponzi_unit 11k posts, incept 2007-09-05
2021-05-19 22:27:08

Got the jab? Don't want your business.

Taxpayers witnessed a crime and stayed around long enough to get charged with it.
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-05-19 22:29:02

Oh it's not misinformation.

We don't know. At all. There is zero long-term data on any of these.

That's not false. She didn't say they were harmful, she said there's no data on long-term effects and that's 100% true.

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."

Bakerv 1k posts, incept 2021-04-21
2021-05-21 12:09:56

"Facebook and Instragram flagged them as misinformation"

Well, alrighty then. Must be misinformation.

We are so screwed...

Obseedian 16k posts, incept 2007-07-26
2021-06-11 12:31:40

The referenced study has now been peer-reviewed and published on

Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything. - Joseph Stalin
Supertruckertom 8k posts, incept 2010-11-07
2021-06-12 13:08:41

Related for background.

Original Antigenic Sin

Preparing to go Hunting.
Rottenmilk2go 580 posts, incept 2009-12-18
2021-06-12 23:34:19


Karl my man...its already starting to show in some of the numbers in the UK. Vaccinated people are dieing at 6x the rate the unvaccinated are....

see image.

If you weight the numbers and adjust them, Vaccinated people are dieing 6 times more often then non vaccinated.

Holy fucking shit
Rottenmilk2go 580 posts, incept 2009-12-18
2021-06-12 23:34:33


It seems to be pretty obvious we are heading for some major consequences for those who took these shots. Hell even the Prion angle is based in pretty solid science fact.

I have no idea what to do or how this plays out....this has to be some sort of alien conspiracy or something and im not conspiracy theorist. There is no way in hell people in charge are this stupid.

Im starting to think a single wide on a river somewhere in the middle of florida with solar panels, an AK-47 miles from anyone else is a worthy Wife is going to fucking hate me

people are going to absolutely lose their fucking minds.
Rottenmilk2go 580 posts, incept 2009-12-18
2021-06-12 23:34:51

I guess the only silver lining in all of this is those who are unvaccinated will go on with their lives, maybe getting a runny nose twice year.

Those who took the vaccine will be dependent on ever more potent vaccinations and will have to live in fear of actually catching Covid because the "Strains" are gonna get deadlier and dealier

The opposite of what those pushing the vaccines desired. The Virus evolved to infect the that not the ultimate Hubris for those wanting to make us have passports?
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