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 Crap.... (OAS and OC43)
Rottenmilk2go 580 posts, incept 2009-12-18
2021-06-19 16:24:26

"Doesn't matter; vaccination is worthless now as Covid-19 has mutated into a moderate seasonal flu.

Thus says the data."

The data definitely does not say that with those who have been Vaccinated Karl... The problem is supposedly the NHS just cant cope with any of this. So lockdowns in the UK are back on the table. Covid restrictions seems to speak more about a broken healthcare system...than actual severity of the virus

Today's numbers were even worse. That's extremely problematic for half the population. We need more data on this. This maybe a catastrophe in the making.

Also what's with all the studies saying Covid is reducing brain matter in even Asymptomatic people? How's that even possible? If the Vaccine cannot Sterilized, millions of people are walking around with low levels of fucking virus still getting the supposed "Long Covid" and unknowingly reducing grey matter

The Vaccines dont protect against that shit. This is all a fucking shit show.

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