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 Science Catches Up -- And Burns You All
Drifter 3k posts, incept 2016-02-11
2021-04-28 12:12:42

On the radio, the journOlist speaking said that 8 million people skipped their second shot. Then cut to some .gov drone as to why they had to get the second one stat.

Journos are a perfect example of the 'curious incident of the dog that didn't bark in the night-time: what they don't say is often the most important part of the story. So when the press doesn't seem curious as to why 8 mill skipped the second shot, it makes me wonder how many of that cohort said 'fuck no' after they had a taste of the first.

I don't know if one can claim a single conspiracy, but maybe multiple overlapping venn diagram conspiracies. .gov's quest for power. The press and Dem Inc's need to weaponize covid to get Trump out of office. Big Pharma's quest for $$. Silicon V's quest to stifle dissent. Societal panic. Group think. Marginalization of those that don't toe the universal susceptibility line. People happy to profess covid terror so they can collect easy .gov benefits. Etc.

Covid has burst on the scene almost like the Beatles or the fucking hoola hoop-- a fad. It is total collective behavior, impulsive, emotional and brings disparate groups together to cause the usual madness of crowd behaviors: panics, fads, fashions, crazes, including people in power who are interested in keeping it all going.

All that being so, then how the fuck does India fall into this? I don't know anybody there to get first hand reports, but either everybody is lying about it or there is a covid strain as deadly as Ebola.
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