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 So You Want To Believe The So-Called 'Experts'?
Ajkalian 248 posts, incept 2015-09-16
2021-03-27 10:55:28

In order for masks to be "effective", you need to follow a specific set of protocols.
1:) The mask need to be at least N95 and without a valve.
2.) The mask is only to be used daily then must be discarded
3.) If the mask is removed it must be discarded
4.) Immediately after the mask i remove through hand washing is required.

How many of these are followed by the people walking into Home Depot or Walmart? I'll tell you. None of them are followed. And that makes masks by and large useless .

Here's a question I posed to some of my mask wearing friends....
Say you are at a bus stop waiting for a bus and it begins to rain. The person next to you opens up their umbrella to protect them from the rain. You have a had and rain gear so you don't bother. The guy next to you demands that you open up your umbrella. Huh? You ask him why? He says to protect him from getting wet.

That's how nuts the mask wearing mandate is. If they protect you against transmission and getting it, why do you care whether or not I wear a mask.

Another big omission by the MSM is perspective. They say the vaccines are 95% effective, but none of them go into any detail as to how they arrived at that figure.

Another thing the MSM doesn't point out is that the infection rate as well as the death rate are much lower if you do nothing. It would be even less had the Cycle Threshold be a more realistic 25 instead of 40. And Florida was the first to realize the distortion a large CT caused and mandated that it be reported.

See attached for the breakdown by state, of infections and death, expressed as a percentage of the population. Not just the raw numbers as reported by the MSM>

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