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 Our Government And Medical System, Murderous Pricks
Raven 19k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2021-03-13 10:15:42

Our betters who used fear to advance their agenda should themselves live in fear.

In the end they won even with informed people in places like this forum as they managed to inject concern into the minds of those most capable of understanding the implications and future consequences.

Different type of fear, but fear nonetheless.

I say give them what they understand, and it is easier than one thinks.

These assholes have been practicing a long time. Over at least the past two decades in Stupid York City, the yearly flu was played like a cheap fiddle. Want to know what the assholes did? How quickly you forget. Healthcare is one of our best careers here at many income levels. Drum roll.

If a hospital worker refused to get the yearly flu shot, he was required to wear a mask at work all day. This applied to billing clerks, nurses, doctors, admin, social workers, and anyone employed in the hospital. Almost all hospitals implemented this rule. After a while, a lot of people complied just to end the inconvenience or figured a way out.

It was a beta test of what they did this time on a grand scale. They used fear of losing one's employment, because it was openly said that the ultimate option was to quit one's job.

And on this nice sunny weekend, government workers will be spending money on their houses, politician's families booking their European vacations, POS teachers preparing to open up their second houses or ready the boat for launch, executives of involved private concerns and lawmakers in open public going about their lives as if nothing affects them with nary a care. And, they all have their little scams to avoid a vaccine while still listing compliance for themselves and their families. Your property taxes just went up $500 this year while you wonder about your job and whether you can sell things before some crash.

Until the people decide that those responsible have significant concern regarding going about their lives, nothing changes. And, so many of these assholes are but a short road trip from the people that they force to live in fear. Many regular people cannot afford to live in their so-called enclaves of high cost living and exclusivity, however there is not a gate nor roadblock on the same public roads that they use.

Oh, BTW, they, their families and their familiars like to slum it and visit the areas of the lesser whom they manipulate for their little guilty pleasures. Got camera?

What, are you afraid that you will lose your job for holding up a sign or talking to their neighbors? You already lost your economic security. It will merely become apparent in about five years.

One cannot lose what one does not possess. Face your fears rather than hiding from them.

You are already dead and do not know it.

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