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 Serious (And Ignored) Vaccine Risk
Scottj175 635 posts, incept 2010-09-06
2021-02-08 19:31:10

Probably more like skilled deception than smarts.
Austin 242 posts, incept 2008-10-22
2021-02-08 21:09:21

So maybe your reasoning is why they want EVERYONE to get vaccinated ?
Ebt 351 posts, incept 2018-12-22
2021-02-08 22:00:37

Mercola has a section up on a myriad way of dealing with Covid-19. Even if you know your stuff (Math+, etc) most people will still learn a lot of things here that they didn't know.


Anyways, for me there will be no vaccine, and I fully expect 1/3 of the people on earth die from this one way or another - and I've thought this since day 1, because that is the intent of those who released this disease + the subsequent vaccines.
Mooreupp 780 posts, incept 2007-10-31
2021-02-08 22:00:59

How small are you thinking the chance is? I know it's not something easy to quantify, but are we talking a 2% type chance or 20% or so type chance? That one factor of 10 probably is not easy to figure but wondered if enough info out there to narrow down.

The Constitution is the law. It is not, and was never meant to be a "living document."
Tickerguy 193k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-02-08 22:08:35

@Mooreupp -- It entirely depends on how many passes through the mess this thing is maintained for AND whether we get sterilizing immunity.

If there is sterilizing immunity then the pathway to this problem does not exist. I don't think we'll know that for another year, however, and some, none or all of the vaccines may produce it -- we do not know.

Assuming at least some of them don't then the question becomes how prevalent they are and for how long that situation persists. If some produce sterilizing immunity then the others can be forced off the market -- if people demand it. Mutation goes on all the time, but for it to bite you a "bad" mutation has to be advantaged either once and it's a really bad one, or several times and it's a progressively bad one. If the vaccine becomes akin to a flu shot where some number of people get it every year but others say "aw fuck that" then the odds are pretty low.

But if it turns into a fearfest for the foreseeable future with people getting stabbed left and right every year then the odds go up quite a bit, because this is a time-dependent risk.

I can't really quantify this except to say that our experience with animal husbandry says that given enough time and non-sterilizing vaccines it is extremely likely it will happen to some extent.

Over the next year? Low odds -- one chance in a thousand, or perhaps one chance in 100? Maybe not even that.

But over decades if non-sterilizing vaccines continue to be used? A SARS-style lethality mutation becomes odds-on if you give it enough time.

The problem isn't the odds -- they're not very high. It's the consequence if it happens.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.

Ebt 351 posts, incept 2018-12-22
2021-02-08 22:44:20

I take a bunch of reasonable (IMO) supplements everyday, no need to name them all here.

For Covid19, I take Vit D3, Vit C, Zinc, and Quercetin. I also take 3 mg Melatonin at night to sleep and I may as well mention that too cause that's one of the Covid19 things being mentioned.

But for those of you who are taking Zinc - don't go crazy on it because high levels of Zinc supplementation are absolutely associated with prostate cancer. Best to keep it way under 40 mg, probably 20 mg is about right. I know some of the Covid19 people are talking about 50 mg, even 100 mg., but IMO nobody should do that.
Mooreupp 780 posts, incept 2007-10-31
2021-02-08 23:40:26

Thanks Karl. Figured short term chances were along those lines and that gives me what to look to going forward.

The Constitution is the law. It is not, and was never meant to be a "living document."
Bagbalm 6k posts, incept 2009-03-19
2021-02-09 07:55:14

The information is out there - not that it matters. People get their information from scrolling headlines and 20 second sound bites on TV.
Tickerguy 193k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-02-09 07:55:51

ADE is not the specific issue here -- ADE is a personal risk.

This is a community risk and thus you can't consent to it.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
Mabman 220 posts, incept 2009-11-08
2021-02-15 16:36:44

Some good hilites on sterilizing immunity from:

Ideally, vaccines would prevent infection entirely, inducing whats known as sterilizing immunity. But early work on some of the vaccine candidates suggests they may not stop infection in the upper respiratory tract and they may not stop an infected person from spreading virus by coughing or speaking.
Michael Mina, an infectious diseases epidemiologist at Harvards T.H. Chan School of Public Health, thinks achieving sterilizing immunity with a vaccine will not be possible for Covid-19. Experience with human coronaviruses and with multiple pathogens that cause colds shows immunity that develops after infection with respiratory tract infections is not lifelong. In some cases, the duration is measured in months, not years.
Munster agreed trying to develop vaccines that confer sterilizing immunity would be a heavy lift with this coronavirus. I think we really need to focus on what are the fastest achievable true public health goals of the vaccine, which is protecting the vulnerable people and protecting health care workers as well, he said.
Earlier this week Moderna, the Cambridge, Mass.-based biotech, said eight people in a Phase 1 trial of its Covid-19 vaccine developed neutralizing antibodies to the virus.
Neutralizing antibodies should protect against severe Covid-19 disease, Kanta Subbarao, a vaccine expert who is director of the World Health Organizations influenza collaborating center in Melbourne, Australia, recently wrote in a commentary in the journal Cell Host and Microbe.
But Subbarao told STAT she wouldnt be surprised if neutralizing antibodies dont protect against infection in the upper airways. Like Munster, she doesnt think thats reason not to pursue these vaccines.
Some experts hope that even if the vaccines dont prevent infection in the upper airways, they may reduce the amount of virus a vaccinated person generates and emits.
Hopefully it would diminish although we dont know this the levels of replication on the mucosal surfaces, said Mark Feinberg, CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, which is working to develop an orally administered Covid-19 vaccine. That route of administration may improve the vaccines capacity to protect the mucus membranes of the upper airways.
Mina sees a potential upside to Covid-19 vaccines that dont stop infection and transmission, saying low-level circulation of the virus could act as a natural booster to keep peoples immunity levels high.
Its a little bit sobering to see that, while we may get protection against disease [and] protect people from getting sick, we may not get nearly as effective protection against transmission, Fortune said during a briefing Thursday for reporters. Which means that to protect the population, were going to have to be vaccinating many, many more people, because we cant rely on getting to a lot of people and having the epidemic die out through herd effects.
Tickerguy 193k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-02-15 16:44:34

Right -- the problem with non-sterilizing immunity these idiots ignored is that it potentiates more-virulent strains.

The difference between "kill" and "murder" is that murder, as a subset of kill, is undeserved by the deceased.
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