Why The Republican Party Is Imploding
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2015-12-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Why The Republican Party Is Imploding *
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This sort of article is flat-out nauseating.

It starts by claiming to explain, but what it really tries to do is parent.  Yes, parent you.  An adult.  It attempts to claim the mantle of telling you what you should be and in fact are voting for and wanting in a politician.


Indeed, Trump caught the right wave at the right time – and it has yet to crest.

And feeds the wave with every brazen statement, like this week’s Muslim travel ban.

The fact is, the more his language is over the top, the stronger his position appears to be at the top.

But is this what Republican primary voters really want in their nominee – a brash outsider who takes on anyone and everyone?  Or do they want, as they told us before, a moderate with real results?

The simple truth is, they want to have their cake… eat it, and then shove it in Washington’s face.  Their frustration is borders on rage – and Trump is their megaphone.

But they’re equally desperate for someone who doesn’t just rail against the problems; they want someone who can also solve them.  Our national polls and voter focus groups demonstrate this again and again.

That’s why the true frontrunner is not Donald Trump.

The real frontrunners are – or will ultimately be – Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Oh really?

Neither Rubio or Cruz has the first clue about ISIS and radical Islam.  Neither will call it by its name.  Both have sat idly by while the party machinery went so far as to call Trump unAmerican for proposing an act that Jimmy Carter took a number of years ago without any such calls being made for his head.

Both are convicted internationalists, interventionists and believers in thuggery.  Both are ineligible for the office and of the two Cruz has no excuse of infancy or dependence (not that it legally matters) as he held adult Canadian citizenship, an act that brings to the fore the very reason for our constitutional prohibition on divided loyalties.

Listen to Rubio explain his plan for the innovation economy.  For improving education.  For making career-oriented job training mean something again. Listen to him explain not just the intricacies of his tax plan – but the benefits of it as well.

Listen to Cruz talk about his plan to defeat radical Islamic terror. For reining in wasteful Washington spending. His solutions for American-made energy to create jobs and protect our national security.

Oh really?  What plans are those?  Neither has a plan to do anything about the Health Care debacle, which is a huge problem -- in fact, it's the problem.  "Repeal and replace" sounds great, but replace with what?  Where are the promises of prosecution for the existing acts that by any reasonable definition rise to felony violations of long-standing federal law -- the Sherman, Clayton and Robinson-Patman Acts?

Nowhere, that's where.  Neither of these clownfaces has any sort of cogent plan to deal with any of that, including the most-outrageous and egregious parts of it, the rank violations of the "first sale doctrine" that, were it to be enforced, would instantly force prices to level for drugs to flatten between nations and resolve a large part of the problem.  I remind everyone that college textbook publishers tried to run this same crap recently and were shot down in the courts, so there's plenty of precedent.

Of course the medical scam doesn't end there.  If you fixed it all of the budget problems at the Federal, State and local levels would disappear immediately and permanently without raising a dime in taxes.  The Federal deficit would become a surplus and as a result consumer purchasing power would rise every year instead of falling.  That outcome would be the result of math, by the way, not politics.

Do you think Trump doesn't know, as a businessman who has been writing big checks to this monopoly for decades, that this is a problem?  He most-certainly does.  Now explain to me how Cruz or Rubio has any experience with any of it.  They don't.  I do, because I wrote those checks on behalf of my employees.  Trump does because he has as well.  Rubio and Cruz have evidenced zero understanding of any of it.

Rubio has no idea how to improve education.  No amount of federal involvement will ever do any of it.  Remember that we were told that the Department of Education would be abolished under the "Contract With America."  Was it?  No, that was a lie.  Rubio is also lying and the electorate knows it.

The Republican party is imploding because it is incapable of telling the truth.  It is imploding because of patronizing little shitheads like you, David, who think you can tell us what to think and who to vote for.

You claim that most people don't believe Trump could deport 11+ million illegals.  True, but he doesn't have to.  All he has to do is lock up all of your damned "friends" that employ them and 10.9 million will leave on their own. We can certainly deport the remaining 100,000 that decide that gang membership is a better idea.

And by the way, maybe we should consider you to be part of that gang -- a gang going out of style, and one that's being slowly, but certainly, ejected from the political sphere.

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