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You ought to read this; I've pointed it out before, at the beginning of the Covid crap, but it bears another look.

Since the introduction of antibiotics "pandemics" from viral agents have never mattered materially to society.  We will eventually, by the way, likely find ourselves in serious trouble in this regard once again because of antibiotic resistance, which we caused, but whether that's worth it or not is an open question.  Certainly, for the people who don't die but would have otherwise, they will tell you it is -- and was.

The poor bastards who find themselves with a resistant strain of some invasive bacteria that kills them will likely disagree.

So be it.

It is a fact that most of the people that the 1918 flu pandemic killed died as a result of secondary bacterial infections.  This is not in dispute.  What is also not in dispute is that doctors killed a huge number of the remaining people that died by handing out aspirin like literal candy.  They choked on their own blood and secretions which the aspirin, in huge doses that we now know are well beyond the LD50 dose (that which kills half the people who take it) caused.

In other words the doctor killed them.  We even have a "pleasant" name for this so we don't have to call it by its proper name ("murder" or "manslaughter") -- iatrogenic disease or death.

"Iatrogenic" is a pleasant name for caused by the physician or medical "treatment."

Why don't we just call it manslaughter or negligent wounding?

It is.

Let's cut the crap -- the evidence is overwhelming that every single Covid death was in fact iatrogenic.  All of them.  Why?  Because the virus was man-made, not a fluke of nature and this was known within days after it supposedly showed up, which was also a lie as to the "date it appeared."  We now know this to be factual and in fact knew it pretty early on because blood donations made in the latter part of 2019 had antibodies to Covid-19 in them, an impossibility unless the virus existed and was circulating in people prior to the claimed "appearance" in early 2020.

We know the virus was man-made because a patented sequence of proteins is in it and you can't patent something that nature creates.  This is proof that the virus was in fact manufactured -- whether directly or a precursor does not matter; without said manufacturing there would have been no Covid-19 at all.  None of this can be disputed; it is fact.  Further, everyone in the so-called "scientific community" knew this within days of the original announcement that Covid-19 existed and the so-called "community of doctors and scientists" intentionally lied about it.  This should not surprise given that a huge number of said people were implicated personally in either being part of it (directly and indirectly) or funding the work that led to it.  When was the last time someone who did a particularly stupid thing that led to a really bad outcome came forward and admitted it?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Would you tolerate the engineering profession redefining the collapse of a design to be enlogenic -- a mish-mash for "I didn't calculate elongation -- that is, expansion due to changing temperatures -- correctly and thus you died"?  Why no, you wouldn't.  So why don't we force the medical and pharmaceutical industries to call death by drug or doctor manslaughter -- which it is, incidentally -- instead of a mismashed term that 99% of the population will not relate to "that asshole should hang for what he gave you -- or withheld -- and was the cause of your death."

Can we get rid of the "what he gave you" part?  Maybe not; humans have a pretty insane capacity to believe in what amounts to witchcraft and it has very little to do with intelligence whether or not you fall under said spell.  There are multiple areas of cognitive bias that come into this; Semmelweis was drummed out of the medical profession for his correct deduction that deaths in maternity wards were due to doctors not washing their hands between patient examinations.  That happened in the mid-1800s so please save me the sanctimonious nonsense about how "the best and brightest don't do things like that" because they most certainly both did and do.

Money only adds to the list of said cognitive bias that weighs upon the scale, never mind fear of being caught when you realize that a grant you underwrote a few years prior has now led to a global viral outbreak.  If there was ever a reason to hang someone that would be it so if you think such a person has no reason to fear being held accountable and thus lie through their teeth you're certifiable.

The simple reality is this:We have repeatedly made viral outbreaks worse by "intervening."  We killed over 60,000 gay Americans by withholding Bactrim from those with AIDS who had PCP, claiming there was no evidence it worked and instead prescribing AZT, a drug that we had little experience with and, of the experience we had, we knew it was toxic as it had failed trials for cancer on safety.  The claim that Bactrim was unproved was a lie; we knew it worked because ten years earlier it was discovered to work in Leukemia patients and to this day stands as the single largest advance in Leukemia survival by making PCP a non-issue, where it used to routinely kill those undergoing treatment for said cancer.  We killed god-knows-how-many people in 1918 by wildly overdosing them with aspirin, a "new fangled" drug that had just shown up and we had little experience with.  This time around we did the same thing we did with AZT with Remdesivir, a drug that was "new fangled" and had twice previous failed on safety, yet it was touted as "an answer" to Covid pneumonia.  In those previous trials it failed because it destroyed kidney function.  Someone I knew here in town died exactly that way, allegedly of "Covid", after being given the drug.  Now we have people dropping dead or coming up with crazy non-previously-existent maladies after giving them a lightly-tested, unproved injection to, it was claimed, prevent Covid and we now know it does not prevent infection nor passing the virus to others.

All of these events featured one thing in common: They were all new and wonderous alleged "answers" to some medical problem caused by a virus, all of them made the peddlers a crap-ton of money, none of them had any track record proving they were safe to use over decades of prior use and every one of them killed a huge number of people because, in fact, they neither solved the problem or were safe.

We learned all the way back to 1918 that allowing money into the game adds trouble on top of even the allegedly most-educated person's addiction to magical thinking.  We do this with many other areas of medicine as well; we cannot even formally describe in detail the full interactions and functionality of the immune system yet we think we can design other than by pure mimicry an effective "prophylaxis" (e.g. vaccine) that uses same.  That's wild-eyed arrogance without a shred of evidence to back it up.

Mimicry (e.g. the traditional measles shot) works despite our ignorance because it mimics where a natural infection shows up and thus even though we do not have anywhere near a complete understanding of how immunity works it gets "close enough" and in nearly every case provides durable and stable protection.

Such is not true for any non-regularly-viremic, short-latent-period viral infection including RSV, influenza and all coronaviruses, including but not limited to Covid.

The evidence is that the work being done before the virus got out was likely related to an attempt at a coronavirus vaccine.  I've gone over in some detail why this is the most-likely explanation, including the fact that if you were actually trying to come up with a weapon you wouldn't choose a coronavirus; their rapid and unstable mutational pattern makes them a poor choice.  Never mind that the No Time to Die (e.g. James Bond film) scenario of targeting requires a level of understanding that we are nowhere near achieving and almost-certainly won't achieve in our lifetimes.  Such a view is fantasyland nonsense and while striving to gain knowledge of the immune system in full is a good goal to have the facts are we're not in any danger of pulling that level of understanding off at any time in the foreseeable future.

The best we can do is to demand that the "white lab coat" folks, when it comes to health, be relegated to advisory roles and destroy their gatekeeping capacity in all respects -- whether it be at the pharmacy (e.g. you can buy what you want and are responsible for the outcomes individually) or in the realm of so-called "public health."  The facts are that all elements of this so-called "profession" have not only failed to help they have made many diseases and conditions worse, presiding over an explosion of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and death.  Their nostrums, "recommendations" and even mandates have done nothing to reverse or prevent any of these outcomes, all of which claim a huge percentage of human lives in the Western world.

Absent their immediate consent to that change, backed by immediate legislation barring them from any role extending beyond advice we must hold every one of them to an engineering standard and then hang every single one responsible for even a single iatrogenic death.

Whether the jackass shoots with a gun or a hypodermic needle - or for that matter a pill - does not change the essence of the act.

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2022-09-01 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 957 references
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Let's get to the bottom of it.

I don't give a crap what the CDC or FDA defines something as retrospectively.

drug is a substance you introduce into the body that modifies a biochemical process with the intent of producing a specific result.

vaccine is a substance you introduce into the body that is part or a modified whole of an infectious agent modified to not be harmful, and which causes the immune system to believe (falsely) that it is being invaded by the actual infectious agent and respond in kind.  By doing so the immune system gains knowledge of the invader so a subsequent actual invasion is met with an appropriate response (and thus you do not get sick.)

A substance that is designed to cause the body to produce a thing via its cellular machinery rather than by inhibiting or accelerating a chemical reaction is neither a vaccine or a drug.  It is a genetic modification of the body's cellular processes.

In 2018 I wrote on a Chinese bio-engineer who had done exactly this to two embryos which were then implanted into a woman and resulted in two live births.  The intent of this modification was to produce resistance to HIV.  The condemnation of that act was swift and universal; China's government in fact went after the people responsible and the international scientific and medical community reacted with horror.

With good reason.

Now Scott Gottlieb, aka "Monstrous Asshole who ought to be in prison", has compared the upcoming Covid "refactored" boosters to a software upgrade.

This of course is an admission the original was a "software load" -- that is genetic modification which is exactly what that "bio-engineer" in China did.

There is no such thing as a safe means of performing this act.  None.

There may never be such an act that is safe.  In fact, absent strict proof one must presume its not.

You are reprogramming the cellular machinery on purpose with such an action.  To do this safely you must know all of the following:

  • Exactly where the reprogramming will take place.  In other words, which cells?  Since the intent is to cause a cell to produce a protein that the body will identify as foreign it must be presumed the immune system will destroy all such cells that take up that programming.  That's the immune system's job.  Therefore you must know where, in specific terms, the cells will be that take up the substance or the body will damage itself with no way for you to to control where that damage occurs.  There is no possible way to guarantee this in the body; an injected substance will travel through the entire body although concentrations will vary from place to place.

  • That the reprogramming cannot become integrated into the cellular machinery; it will, with 100% certainty, be "one and done."  If you cannot guarantee this with 100% certainty then a person who you give it to may never clear it entirely from their body.  We already know this is a very real risk with some viruses to begin with -- varicella (Chicken Pox), for example, is not fully cleared in many cases and can and will come back as shingles later in life.  That is, we know viruses do this in the wild; it is not speculation.  If the introduced agent does not clear it can produce durable, even permanent immune system damage.  This is essentially (yes, I know, this is a simplified explanation) the mechanism by which HIV eventually kills you; it overloads the immune system and ultimately destroys it, leaving you open to attack by and death from things that in an uninfected person with a competent immune system are easily controlled.

  • That the uptake which does take place will not result in serious or fatal damage to body systems from those cells that are, by design, hijacked to produce the protein.  This is an extremely tough thing to prove but prove it you must because otherwise you risk killing the person due to the body's own immune reaction to the insult that happens to concentrate in the "wrong" place.  This is of particular concern with anything injected because we know the body has myriad defensive systems to prevent invading things (viruses, bacteria, etc.) from getting into the circulatory system and its machinery and when those defenses fail the resulting illness is almost-always either extremely serious or fatal.

A "traditional" whole-or-part protein vaccine does not implicate any of this because the substance itself is introduced into the body.  The cellular machinery is not tampered with because the attenuation or destruction of the agent's replication capacity is why it's a vaccine and not an infection; it is incapable of getting into the cells and reprogramming the cellular machinery as an active, live virus does because it was intentionally damaged to prevent that from happening.

"Vector" injections irrespective of the mechanism violate all three of the above constraints.  By design they enter the cells of the person injected and cause reprogramming of the cellular machinery.  This means that by design whatever cells take up that set of instructions will be targeted and destroyed by the immune system.

We now know this occurs in a very large percentage of the population who took these shots and we are seeing that show up in non-Covid mortality that has accelerated materially starting exactly with the widespread introduction of these jabsIt has occurred reliably across the world since the beginning and middle of 2021.

We also know that viruses do occasionally integrate into the host's DNA.  We know this because a significant part of our DNA is traceable to viral genomes.  There is no other possible way for that to have happened over hundreds of thousands or millions of years (before man was man) than for it to occur when an organism gets infected.  In addition we know that viruses frequently do not completely clear in an infected person which means their cellular reprogramming remains available to be executed and thus we must presume anything that reprograms the cellular machinery also may not clear until and unless proved otherwise.

To make this worse we knew in December of 2020, before the shots rolled out that the "spike" protein standing alone was dangerous; no less than The Salk Institute published a paper on this that was then peer reviewed and released early in 2021. That's a direct violation of the third bullet point and it stands as fact.

What's even worse is that there is evidence the second bullet point required for safety is violated as well because circulating spike protein has been detected months after being jabbed.  This is extremely strong evidence that the jab is not cleared but rather has become integrated into the person's cellular machinery in some part of the body.

And finally we have evidence at this point that the damage from the immune system attacking the "factory" cells which are induced to make the protein via reprogramming is, in fact, dangerous and in some cases fatal.

Now this sort of risk might be worth it if you have an otherwise-fatal condition.  If you have clinically-active cancer, for example, then if left untreated you will die.  Therefore attempting to reprogram your cellular machinery to target and destroy said tumor(s) might well be worth the above three concerns because the alternative is that you're dead for certain and thus you can only make your personal situation better.  I will note that Moderna has been trying for over a decade to do exactly this for cancer and has never succeeded because the toxicity of the therapy was unacceptable even in someone who was going to die for sure if they did nothing.  Let that sink into your head for a bit.

These idiots are now talking about using this technology for flu shots!

Covid, like the flu, is not dangerous to most people.  It's damned inconvenient and, occasionally, kills.  If you're seriously compromised medically then the odds go up that the virus will flatten you.  If you're healthy (for real, not the "healthy at any size" bullcrap) the odds of it putting you in the hospital or killing you are statistically tiny and we know how to treat it too if we stop acting like we can't and don't.

As a partial aside may I note that one of the things we know potentiates heart attacks and strokes is poor glucose control.  We know why it happens too; excessive glucose damages the endothelial layer of the blood vessels (the inside wall) and the cilia inside said wall that form part of that layer's defensive function against damage, both physical and via infectious agent.  This makes it more-likely for inflammatory reactions to occur and not be reabsorbed back into the body and if a piece of one of those gets through the wall and breaks off it will block the circulation and cause a heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism.  It is not cholesterol per-se which does this despite common claims of those who ought to know better because they've looked at either diseased arteries themselves or images thereof; the damage is clearly inside the arterial wall, not a "clump" stuck inside such as with a clogged up drain.

Folks, there is no -- and I do mean no, as in zero -- injection that can control to the last bit of material where whatever is injected goes in the body.  If you inject under the skin into the dermal layer, into a muscle, into adipose tissue (fat) or otherwise some of what you inject will inevitably wind up in the circulation and thus go everywhere.  It cannot be otherwise.  Muscle tissue in particular is some of the best-perfused (that is, imbued with capillaries, arteries and veins) of all tissue in the body because muscles require that circulation in order to obtain the ATP (energy) they use to produce output and to remove the metabolic byproducts of doing so.

There is no such thing as an injection that hijacks the cellular machinery to produce a thing that is safe in either man or beast and that cannot be changed because the very character of what you're intending to do is dangerous unless it can be 100% confined to the desired tissue and you can prove with 100% certainty that the cellular reprogramming you cause is "one and done" and never, in any person, becomes integrated and thus continuous.

An injection by its nature can never guarantee said confinement and in this case we have evidence that integration does, in at least some people, occur.

This crap and ALL future attempts to use such "vector" methods UNLESS hard scientific proof is presented that ALL THREE of the above bullet points are met, with the penalty for fraud being death for every single person involved in said fraud, must be banned except in persons who have an otherwise-terminal condition or disease, in which case with informed consent it is of course acceptable because the alternative is certain death.

Anyone attempting to promote, sell, mandate or inject someone with such a substance under any other set of conditions is in fact acting with depraved indifference, that is the legal definition of murder.

What's worse is that if we keep this crap up we will eventually wind up with a modification that is passed to the next generation and once that happens the only way to "take it back" will be to literally hunt down and kill every person genetically polluted in that fashion.  With such a thing in mass-distribution if such is passed down through even a single generation eradicating it will lead to a very-literal catastrophic collapse in human society.


Nobody has any reason to trust any medical practitioner in any respect who does not recognize, proclaim and enforce the above, and nobody has any reason to allow any political, commercial or social entity to attempt to violate same.


PS: When it comes to the "new formula" its even worse then all of the above; all the data we have came from eight mice.  Not one human, eight mice. This, by the way, would never pass regular approval but as we now know under "EUA" literally anything goes.  That would be bad enough, but what's worse is that those eight mice produced wildly different outcomes.  Yet there is no explanation as to why, or to what it means.  Nobody knows yet 170 million such doses were ordered and will be "offered" to people anyway.  If you allow that crap to go into you or anyone you love or care about then you're stupid beyond words, and if you or they get severely screwed or die, given these facts -- you deserve it.

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