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User Info The CERTAIN Destruction Of Our Nation; entered at 2024-02-04 13:42:54
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Yep Karl, both of us have discussed this at length here, and sadly I have come to the conclusion that it is not going to happen. Why?

It must start in the home and with those closest to us then go from there.

In essence the problem finds its roots in parenting, and not the harsh disciplinarian kind either. It is that parents, in particular fathers, do not express a notion of a moral order and standards for family comportment and invite, notice not force, their children to be a part of it. Sometimes it is as simple as saying that there are certain activities in which one's children will not participate for even the most innocuous reason which is counter to family values, AND here is the important part, providing an alternative interaction or activity.

A big part of the above is that parents, most notably fathers, have no standards and even when present do not discuss as being non-negotiable when selling themselves for a potential mate. It goes way far back to early life courting and recreational dating, compounded when colleges became the way for young to meet mates and removed people from their communities. The true problem here is that one could not effectively survey from where one's potential mate originated and the status and character of this person's people. Sadly a variety of factors forced people into this situation long before our generations.

It all starts with having a moral sense and the commitment to say, "no," when one wants something or someone very badly.

In another thread here, people were saying that women are the civilizing force on men. I doubt that and took part in many debates many years ago which are too much to rehash here. Think of it this way. Men created the great society concept we have today and risked everything for it because of their own vision of Morals and Values as applied. Men are the ones who endeavor in the vast majority of Moral and Cultural shifts and campaigns. We are the ones who discuss said to a vastly higher participation percentage than women, simply look here. And, when women are interested in said, they overall tend to cite loyalty and inspiration from, you guessed it, men.

Men are the civilizing force on women as an extension of the societies we create for our own reasons, not to please or attract women. When women disappoint us it is merely that we consider them not living up to OUR Moral Standards as created by us or some other man with whom we align.

In closing, this issue is one of men not standing for things and generations back, very much during the Post War era while definitely before, going along to get along in the new "Salesman" age where one wanted to be popular to get the job, the contract, the girl, make the sale and have the fruits of a booming time. Men who stood for things got a lot less and often worse.

The first act of a child's autonomy is saying, "No." We need to start from point zero in male redevelopment.

Men need to start saying, "no," to what they have been expected to tolerate for far too long.

The problem is that many see this as a futile game...and a lonely one.
2024-02-04 13:42:54