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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 16:57:51
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Registered: 2018-05-23 Columbus, OH
Looking at the decline in fertility rates across the world in both developed and developing countries suggests causes are mainly global, not country specific. If I had to guess, I would blame a few factors that fit the bill.

1) Urbanization. This is a global trend true in all countries: as people move to cities, they have fewer kids. Usually housing is more expensive and parents lack the support of the extended family (grandparents and retired aunts/uncles that can look after the kids for free). I know first hand that the urbanization during communism in Central European countries led to 1-2 kids on average per family when they transition to urban life. A normal decision, as the only available housing were the 2-3 bedroom apartments in concrete flats:

2) Helicopter parenting. Parents are far more involved compared to the past. The amount of parenting time per child has increased dramatically in the past 50 years or so. My sister and I joked recently how we rode our bicycles to various extracurricular activities in junior high. I had my own city-wide bus pass when I was 12 and took city buses to go to the electronic club downtown at the local science museum every week when I was in 6th and 7th grade. Nowadays, my nephew is driven everywhere. My sister cannot even contemplate to let my nephew go alone. He's 6'3" in 12th grade and is driven by my sister to martial arts classes.

3) Mass Stockholm syndrome. Despite our prosperity, today's young are subject to a massive assault of soul crushing amount of mostly fake apocalyptic news. We weren't decades ago prior to online news and social media. Have you noticed how EVERYTHING is a crisis these days? Climate crisis, racism crisis, financial crisis (okay, this one is real), energy crisis, housing crisis, job crisis, WW3 crisis, etc. They even tell us we're in the middle of the 4th mass extinction. (or is it 5th?... I lost count by now). 24/7, the vast majority of "news" that reaches us is negative, designed to scary us into submission. The young generations don't even date, anymore, FFS! No wonder they're looking for safe spaces! Like George Carlin said: "Remember, survival is more important than fracking!" (something similar).

So, what's my solution? Simple: Embrace the rural or semi-rural life. In our quaint Midwest town of under 80k souls a young couple can make it. $700/mo rents? Check. Under $200k starter homes? Check. Entry jobs paying $15/hr? Check. All they have to do is stay together, stay clean and drug free, no single parenting, finish high school, and learn some skills with your hands. Just checked: a local plumbing company is hiring entry-level HVAC techs for $28-32/hr. If you learn how to fix things, you can definitely make a good, albeit quaint semi-rural life. And have 2-3 kids. Now, if you want to go to that >2million pop city 100 miles away, pay $150k for private college getting a PhD in journalism until you're 30 only to make $40k afterwards, that's on you.
2023-11-07 16:57:51