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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 16:13:32
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Registered: 2009-03-16 New Orleans
@annfann I appreciate your response but I dont think you realize how many have come to this conclusion begrudgingly but still feel its the right decision. The idea that we think of children as a burden is missing the timeline of how these decisions are made. We are choosing to not have them because we simply dont think its feasible and dont see any change in that. If you are struggling or just getting by today, how in the world will that work if you add dependents to that with the cost structure of today?

Spending extra money to stay at some stupid Star Wars themed hotel that cost 4k a night might seem dumb to many (i agree personally) but that still pales in comparison to the costs of raising "GOOD KIDS". The perpetual adolescence diatribes I hear from people of older generations attacking younger, childless adults who go to the Walt Disney and enjoy it are missing the point that its the closest many of these people will ever get to having that experience since they dont and wont have children to bring themselves. These are people who are trying their best to enjoy the bit they do have. Not everyone wants kids, thats true, but you really have to take your rose colored glasses off if you dont get it at this point why the smart choice is against child rearing and thats a horrible thing to admit but its the truth as it stands today.
2023-11-07 16:13:32