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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 15:44:58
Posts: 2597
Registered: 2021-03-26
I've noticed that baby bust discussions on the internet seem to bring out the worse in people. Vox Day has a response to this that, predictably, does not reply to any of the details of this ticket, but seems to be an emotive rant against boomers in general. He links to another guy, definitely a conspiracy monger (he believes the covid-19 shots were an attempt at depopulation and thinks the same about 5G cellular networks), who seems to have a problem with people making personal life decisions on basis of rational self-interest. The rationals criteria that normal make personal life choices such as opportunity costs,, cost/benefit analysis, risk/reward analysis, is considered to be the wrong way about by these people. This is all rather loopy to me. I wonder if these people's minds are slowly walking off the map.
2023-11-07 15:44:58