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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 15:08:02
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Registered: 2021-09-10 Escapee from NoVa

I am a little late to this conversation but I loved this story:

She had a mask in her hand and asked me (unmasked, handing out candy on the porch -- better than half the houses were dark with the people cowering in fear inside!) "Sir, you're not scared of me?" I told her "Not in the least; my health is my business and, if it fails me that's my issue." Her reply back to me? "Its all bullshit." Realize that she was being force-masked in school here in this county, in a "red state" and county that is so red you're wasting your time running as a Democrat, for nearly two years and the people who did it to her, six years from now when she reaches adulthood, will still not have lost a thing.

Smart kid. The upside for her is that in the future she will likely be able to instantly recognize the bullshit when she sees it. That she will also likely want no part of having kids herself is the real consequence. One commenter in a previous thread mentioned about the "car seat factor" in having only 1 or 2 or no kids. 10-20 years from now I suspect some researcher will be citing the "mask factor" in the cratering birth rates.

As an aside, if I am on a future jury where one of these kids snaps and offs their COVID Karen, mask nazi parents, it will definitely be "jury nullification" time. NOT GUILTY!smiley
2023-11-07 15:08:02