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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 09:20:13
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Exactly @Starrynight.

But you can't undo technology.

You CAN make the abuse of it to advance scams illegal and enforce the laws that make it so. Which we refuse to do so -- here or anywhere else. As just one example it is ILLEGAL under the PREP Act to coerce anyone to use a "covered countermeasure" OF ANY SORT. Its a CRIME. So why weren't all the ASSHOLES who did it immediately arrested and, if the cops refuse then the people should have fucking shot them in the face.

That 10 year old girl who came trick-or-treating a couple of years ago got fucked because WE did NOT shoot the assholes in the face who tried to SCREW HER. We instead let them do it and even CHEERED IT ON. She does and WILL remember that! Do you think that makes her MORE or LESS likely to set her personal reproductive switch to OFF?

It's also a CRIME in the US to monopolize, restrain trade or price-fix INCLUDING across international borders. Rather than enforce that after the Arab Oil Embargo Congress specifically EXEMPTED them! The NON-EXEMPT actors in the private sector (medical) break this law a million times a day AND it is a 10 year in prison FELONY for each offense. Exactly ZERO people have gone to prison for it.

The NAR just LOST a lawsuit over this. LAWSUIT? Its ten years in the fucking can for pulling that shit so where were the handcuffs? Nowhere.

You literally can't COUNT all these scams and every one of them have screwed the people. Do you think this doesn't go into people's calculus on these matters whether consciously or not? Technology gives people the capacity to CHOOSE whether sexual congress results in children and you can't undo that, so NOW you had better, if you want a stable population, quit demonstrating that the better choice is to set that switch to the OFF position!

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2023-11-07 09:20:13