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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 09:09:44
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@Egallred wrote: "Yet, obviously, they still had children. Usually a lot of them. I think Mousetopia is probably a better explanation. Households with two high-wage earners theoretically should have zero problem supporting as many children as they want yet I suspect their fertility rate is significantly lower than the blue collar class."

Why can't @Egallred and @Tickerguy both be right? Rational actors responding to socio-economic-political reality, anticipating life in 20 years, explains a lot, but maybe not everything. Mousetopia also explains a lot. And culture in general. There's a lot that influences our choices.

The thing, @Egallred, is that your examples from history and certain places in the world today are from before birth control was widespread. Historically, even in tough times, people couldn't control their fertility the way they can today, and still today in some parts of the world, people lack access to birth control. What we see is that across virtually culture today, whether in good times or bad, when people have that choice, they very often choose not to have kids.

2023-11-07 09:09:44