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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 08:41:27
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Registered: 2009-03-16 New Orleans
Those constantly calling my generation selfish (Millenial here) are really starting to piss me off. How is it selfish to decide against children in a world where there are better than even odds their lifestyles would be worse than mine? One could argue that it might be the opposite: in fact one might argue its selfish to bring said child into that sort of world. We can have a debate about it all day long, but the incentive structure is screwed up as Karl says. So what if people in my generation decide to engage in treating themselves with some of the extra money (not nearly enough to cover raising good children) they do have as a result of not having children? what are we supposed to do? pay more of it to the generations before who are instrumental in so many issues we see today? Pay for the illegals and others who continually depress wages? I am lucky compared to many but it doesnt mean I am not sympathetic to it. The sad reality is that you cant undo the damage the younger generations are experiencing right away if you even wanted to. Theres no flipping pizzas on the side to help pay college anymore! The disparity between renting and owning has never been greater , at least in recent memory. Sitting online calling us selfish etc because you managed to get yours when the getting was good doesnt make you anything but a jerk. Try having an open mind and by sympathetic to what the younger generations are experiencing here. It's depressing for people that followed the rules of what they were told is the best path forward only to be saddled with ridiculous college debts for degrees that should be attainable for way less than they are; ridiculous energy prices because we think the laws of physics are a suggestion; home prices that are out of reach for even many DINKs now! Meanwhile plenty of people in the prior generations got not only their primary residence for cheap but the lake house or beach house too. I can go on and on!
2023-11-07 08:41:27