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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 08:32:00
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@Starrynight -
Can I please ask, what do you make of the big decline in fertility in many East Asian countries in recent decades? Many prosperous countries like S. Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc. have very low fertility rates, some now even less than 1.0, and have for 40 years or more. They had at least as big a decline as China with its One Child Policy, but none of these countries had such a state policy; instead, the decline was voluntary. And yet, during this time in these countries, I think most people could look ahead and expect a bright future. So we see fertility declines both in the US today, where people are demoralized and therefore choose not to have kids, but also in successful economies like 1980s Japan and Korea.

Did they?

Or did they think forward, and conclude the cycle would turn perhaps not within their lifetime, but definitely within their children's?

From difficulty comes industry.
From industry comes abundance.
From abundance comes sloth. <<-- They were here
From sloth comes difficulty.

Abundance would seem to be a one-sided street, but it is not. Where did, for example, Vanderbilt come to believe they could play the Tranny game here in Blood-Red Tennessee? From abundance; that is a private institution and cannot force extraction of tax money.

Yet what did it produce? Sloth, and worse -- coercion (during Covid) and coddling crazy, including a white dude who thought he was female and, prodded by SELF HATRED THEY AND EVERYONE ELSE IMBUED IN HIM, decided to kill a bunch of "cracker kids."

Where did all of this insanity come from? Abundance, ergo, sloth.

The costs and disincentives are the publicly-visible pieces once the sloth takes over; they can't exist outside of the abundance, but if you channeled the abundance by refusing to permit the scams so they went into productive things (e.g. LFTRs) instead of asset price schemes and then asset-STRIPPING you would get neither the sloth OR the crazy -- and, by extension, you would also not lose replacement level birth rates from those who are the most-productive.

There is no magic dirt (a subject of a ticker in queue and which will have to go on the No-Ad side because it would otherwise get me ban-hammered.)
2023-11-07 08:32:00