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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 07:28:04
Posts: 203
Registered: 2021-07-14 Canada
Isn't this issue further evidence that the system has run its course? To keep the system going you need more people and more growth, then more again...etc.

Is it not logical to conclude that such a system reaches a point where it is unsustainable? We've certainly reached the point of diminishing returns. Plus the corruption becomes more appalling daily.

Even if everyone listened to TG and we fixed this, do we really want to fix it?

Maybe I'm being naive but my advice to any young person is to move to Russia. I'm sure it has many flaws but at least Russia is trending in the right direction. Given our political class - and the lunatic WEF that runs the West now - our trends are nightmarish.

I agree, especially with the corruption of the medical community. Having kids today is NUTS!
2023-11-07 07:28:04