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User Info ESG Is....A FELONY; entered at 2022-06-18 12:23:20
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Registered: 2019-01-27 A Van down by the River

Yes, the impact of ESG nonsense will be felt in an ever expanding area of the Western world as time passes. Such activity was made illegal for a good reason. Allowing such behavior increases the cost of living for the common man at the expense of the politically connected. And that increased cost is going to get progressively worse until the two-tiered system of 'Just-Us' is ended.

In the news this past week was the announcement by Russia that gas flows into Europe via the Nord Stream pipeline will be reduced by 40% going forward. Seems that some of the compressors needed to move the gas are in need of repair and delivery of the necessary parts can't be sourced because of sanctions.

Too bad, so sad. Expect German gas prices to accelerate upward from rates which have tripled in the last three months. And, as our genial host points out, expect German and European industrial competitiveness to fall behind as a result.

Meanwhile, sanctions have propelled the Russian economy to record levels due to the ever increasing prices they can demand for the products that everyone needs and can't get anywhere else. Talk about unintended consequences. Who could have expected this?

Well ... anyone with a few functioning neurons maybe. Apparently there aren't many of those among Western politicians these days. The common man will suffer as a result, and the standard of living for the majority will begin a long decline until such nonsense is ended.

2022-06-18 12:23:20