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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-12 12:53:18
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Ukraine lost the war the second the first Russian soldier crossed the border. Russia is using a fraction of its resources. Ukraine is using ALL of theirs plus begging for more from the west. Drafting women? I though they were equal now? Where are the feminists? The gender-is-a-social-construct gang? Funny how when the bullets fly, so do the women.

Once again reality bites libtards in the ass. Speaking of libtards and their neocon cousins...the former is so fucking stupid they have no idea (or cannot accept) that THEY are paying for Vlad's military now, as he is rolling in near-unlimited cash due to parabolic energy prices. Once again...reality bites them in the ass. I would have thought after watching the "media" repeatedly lie, the masses would gain a tad bit of skepticism. I was wrong.

As for the military situation, the west thinks like westerns, but the western method of war cannot be compared to Russia's. A few pointers: the west cannot accept high casualties, it is politically untenable. This is why we have not had a draft, nor will have a draft. The support for war goes right out the window once thousands of dead come home. Blue and yellow emojis are one thing. Body bags another. We won't be going to war over the Ukraine. Russia has no such qualms, they never have and never will. Read up on their military and social history. They are not unique. Most of the non-western world does not place anywhere near the value of human life as we do (or at least act like we do). Besides, the Russians know the equation now. Surround and pound. Advance. Repeat. And recall the media said the Russians were running out of ammo.....OVER TWO MONTHS AGO. Anything the west sends there will simply be pulverized. The best Ukrainians units have already been destroyed, and will take months to years to replace, time which the Ukraine does not have. Apparently some mercenaries are realizing this, and bailing out too.

Second, the western military model is based on dominance of the sea and air. The sea is necessary for the west to survive (ask Britain about U-boats). The Russians do not need the sea, they simply want to deny its use to others. They have done that to Ukraine and their exports. As for air power, if you do not control the air, you cannot launch offensive action with very few exceptions, and at EXTREMELY high cost. Think suicidal. The Ukrainians have no chance of taking anything back. They have no air force left. Once the Russians occupy it, consider it gone for good. They seem to be playing for keeps. They know the score when dealing with their arch enemy, the fascist. And not just Ukrainian ones, but those in Brussels and DC.

Once the Russians take Odessa, there is nothing left of Ukraine except an economic wasteland and indefensible mass of flatlands. If little 'ol me knows this, our military leaders certainly do. Aside from sadism, there can be only one logical explanation for pumping this war by endless lies. A "cash for tanks" sort of thing. We send all our old shit to Ukraine, and replace it with shiny new stuff straight from our defense industry.
2022-06-12 12:53:18