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User Info Since We're Taking Shots....; entered at 2022-01-31 21:03:58
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Saw that the Canadian equivalent of a Transportation Secretary tweeted that they were working on new inter-Province covid rules for Truckers. I guess Trudeau was too busy hiding to announce it himself.

Also saw articles in major Canadian newspapers where the 'fact' that goobermint officials were afraid of the truckers being violent apparently made the truckers violent. (You can't make this stuff up.)

If those in officialdom continue to double down on stupidity in the face of a popular uprising then there may be only one recourse to address the situation for good.


Old Time Hockey. Like Eddie Shore. A simple one-on-one session between Trudeau and someone that has "put on the foil" about the true extent of the power he wields. In a closed room. For as long as it takes to reach consensus.

@TG Excellent summary to draw everything together in one place and put a pretty bow on it. Many thanks for all the time you spend helping to get the truth out to the masses. Doubly so for acknowledging that the data might support a different conclusion for other folks than the one you drew from it for yourself.

2022-01-31 21:03:58