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User Info I...TOLD.... YOU.... SO!; entered at 2022-01-11 17:54:20
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In a Zoom meeting earlier today, the boss says to only go into the office if you absolutely have to as many engineering teams have 50% to 75% of their teams sick. This is for a company where probably around 80% of the employees are "vaccinated". One person in the meeting said that many of these engineers who are sick have had both shots and have been "boosted" and warned people on the call to stay safe even if you are "vaccinated". I would love to have been able to read people's minds who were on that call. My hope is many of them would be thinking, the MFer "vaccines" don't work. Why in the f*** did I get them and a booster. F*** this S*** next time. Haha!
2022-01-11 17:54:20