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User Info Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory; entered at 2021-11-02 13:30:09
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She was on "team vax" so I didn't even try to reason with her that it might make sense to report it anyway.-Londoncat

I'm sorry to say I have officially given up. Anything you or I say to dissuade the "team vax" goes to deaf ears. I'm not wasting any more of my breath. Go ahead and vax your f*cking kids. I honestly don't give a damn anymore.

Met up with a young guy I used to work with at the gym. Six months ago he was bitching about getting the vax because he didn't want to wear a face diaper anymore. Well, lo and behold a few months later, BLAMO! Face diapers are back in fashion and MANDATORY. He has a wife and an infant daughter. Last week I saw him again. I removed my mask to greet him. He muttered something I couldn't understand so I said, "Sorry, I didn't hear you!" He kept his mask on and said, "I've received a raise, a promotion, and our boss gave us all a one thousand dollar bonus!"

After reading TG's article a few days ago about how employers were given back all of the employee withholding money back by .gov, I said, "Well that was awfully nice of him, giving you back some of what he stole from you to begin with!" and mentioned the details from the aforementioned article.

Well, I guess I kinda pissed in his cornflakes because he either didn't comprehend or didn't want to comprehend. I walked away realizing that he had willingly drunk the kool aid and was not in the mood to hear anyone who was not supremely happy for him, the country, hell, the whole g-d damned WORLD.

I'm afraid I've become a bit of a misanthrope during my later years. I no longer have the time or patience, or countenance to put up with the willfully stupid and ignorant. Hats off to T.G. for all the heavy lifting.
2021-11-02 13:30:09