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User Info Once Upon A Time...; entered at 2021-09-24 20:04:04
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The data site I gave is numbers generated by the 'EXPERTS'. Look inside a given state. The current Covid R number is given for that state and within the state's 'details', the particular county of interest within that state, the current R number is given along with current cases being reported within that county. In my state, Nevada, the media is saying C-19 cases are INCREASING in the 'quad' counties of my area. That'd be Carson City, Washoe, Lyons, and Douglas. According to the acknowledged 'experts', the John Hopkins data sets, that ain't true. The reissued mandates were all done AFTER the R0 number had already peaked in 3 of those counties. Check your state, the county of your abode. What your local leaders are saying probably is at odds with their own recognized 'experts' (John Hopkins). Also within your or any county, look at the ESTIMATED number of people having already been INFECTED, NOT INJECTED. The lower the number, under 60%, chances are that county will probably be hit hard with the next 'wave'.......unless of course the 'vaccines' totally screw-up immune systems, then those 'estimates' are meaningless. Again, the data source given is just another indication of the lies that are being told by our 'leaders'; political, medical, community. They have access to that John Hopkins data. They KNOW exactly what's going on. They have NO excuse.......
Now about that shitty C-19 medical 'treatment' and 'vaccines'.......
2021-09-24 20:04:04