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User Info Once Upon A Time...; entered at 2021-09-24 19:31:16
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Registered: 2019-05-07 Atlanta
This entire COVID19 event is amazing. The Chinese are extremely clever. Only a fool would underestimate them. They locked down cities in their response. That was shocking when it happened. If they hadn't done that I seriously doubt the west could have got away with doing it.

USA is a special case in the west as every other wealthy country has universal healthcare. So what is the benefit for these other countries having higher medical costs.

Why are the rest of the advanced countries doing this dangerous jab nonsense calling it a vaccine when it clearly isn't.

What has shocked me recently is Remdesivir. I think I always knew it was pretty much useless with a dangerous safety profile. What I am reading lately is it has an utterly insane danger profile killing a lot of people. Could this single drug which helps no one be causing at least 30% of covid deaths in USA? Are any other countries using this drug? How can this be happening?

2021-09-24 19:31:16