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User Info Once Upon A Time...; entered at 2021-09-24 10:29:38
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Registered: 2021-05-28 New York, NY
Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

I do not practice, as I do private corporate science.

However, some did turn to me in desperation. Those I could I sent to integrative practitioners, who, on the QT, used IV Vitamin C,D, their own stores of HCQ/IVM/Zinc, and of course Azithro. Lung steroids as appropriate.

I thank you good sir for finding this article because it explains a one-off I had. In my own desperation I had someone take levoceterizine, monteleukast, indomethacin, and doxicycline. That worked. 4-hr 180-degree turn around. Patient over 80, all old-age comorbidities.

The first two short circuit various prostaglandin and cytokine cascades as part of their mechanism of action, synergistically. Used them because they are effective in influenza. No budenoside or other steroid was available to the patient. Indomethacin, in a fantastic study by Italians from 2006 is a known SARS coronavirus inhibitor. ( Antibiotic is obvious.
2021-09-24 10:29:38