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User Info There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price; entered at 2021-08-31 11:01:15
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@ Blackcrow

When I studied immunology, I remember thinking there is no way in hell this came about by chance. There are no words to describe how elegantly complex the immune system is. Karl's gift to us is the ability to simplify the infinitely complex for not just the (m)asses, but even those of us who learned it but don't remember it all. This is why we have medical specialties folks....the body really is THAT complex.

So in summary as I understand it, it appears that for most ADE and OAS is not a thing after 6 months. But repeated jabs causing clots, heart problems, etc......that is where the problems should really start to show, even in very healthy populations. Of course that will depend on those giving the jabs to use ethics and report it accurately, which I increasingly doubt will happen. So in the absence of reported mass deaths, I would expect the hordes of karens, the gov, the media and the woke ilk to keep pummeling the unjabbed until they get (at least) triple jabbed.

Another commenter on this string wished for mass death on the jabbists......I am not there.


2021-08-31 11:01:15