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User Info Simply Put: **** YOU; entered at 2021-08-22 11:53:06
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@Tickerguy - I woke up Thursday morning with a dull headache, soar throat, muscle aches and a low fever. Since I was about to leave to take the kid to college (2 day trip), I could not take a chance of getting to college on Friday obviously sick. I took some pony paste, 6 hours later, symptoms gone.

All I know is I had some kind of virus setting in, no idea what it was. Five days earlier I spent 2 hours in the car with my brother-in-law. He had just got back from seeing his daughter who had just gotten over covid. All except me were Jabbed. Possibly brother-in-law was asymptomatic and carrying Covid?
2021-08-22 11:53:06