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User Info Simply Put: FUCK YOU; entered at 2021-08-22 04:19:34
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Registered: 2021-08-22 Auckland
Karl, I've been reading your thoughts on vaccines over the last several weeks and found them very helpful. What are your thoughts on an inactivated whole virus vaccine like the Chinese Coronavac?

Most discussion assumes readers only have access to an mRNA vaccine or viral vector vaccine which narrowly targets the spike protein. This will be true for people in Anglo counties, but for those in a position to travel to countries like Mexico or Ukraine there are other options.

Although Coronavac will not be recognised in most "western" countries, probably to encourage people to get the "correct" vaccine, if one is just looking to travel around Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia, it opens up some options.

Do you see the same potential issues with ADE? If you mistrust a Chinese vaccine, would you consider the similar product from India?

I ask because the way things are heading in Anglo countries makes me seriously think I should leave while I still can, and I am recently retired and able to support myself abroad. And in case you are in the "stand and fight" camp, I have already left Australia and consider it a lost cause, just looking for an island of sanity somewhere.
2021-08-22 04:19:34