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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-02 09:19:58
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I worked in healthcare, made decent coin. But gave it up (and even more lucrative offers currently) for two main reasons:

1. Patients. They are in general lazy, don't care about their health until a problem arises, put more effort into planning a vacation, sports teams or can tell you the latest Kardashian divorce rather than be bothered to lift a finger to help or think for themselves. "Gimme a pill!" and move on. Much of what I did was delaying nature's course (e.g. diabetics resulting from fork to mouth addiction). I've heard it called "living longer wronger". This is how we have the walking obese now. And why so many will line up like baby birds in the nest....mouths wide open....waiting for their worm. The jab being exhibit "A".
2. The pharm industry. Unless you have seen this up close and personal, you might not believe it. How can an industry that has a sacred mission (including oaths by providers) allow money to influence (even dramatically harm) those entrusted with their care? The pharm bill is often the largest expense of a hospital stay. There were some meds that did help, but many others that were far more expensive, may help initially, but often had horrendous side effects down the road (e.g. men growing boobs and lactating, etc.). The money involved is insane (LOTS of zeros). God told you about the love of is no exception. At all.

I am convinced that there will not be an awakening for most of those who got the jab. Simply put, they do not think. The karens and soys lead with their fee fees and egos, and their egos will not be permitted to be bruised by admitting being played for fools, no matter the reality.

I know. I made a career dealing with them. Which is a tragedy because now everyone has a computer in their pocket and can easily do some basic research on the web. But why do that when a football game is on? Or all my fellow karen friends are on facebook or twatting the latest gossip?

Thanks to our host for explaining things even better than I learned over my career. A true public service announcement.

2021-08-02 09:19:58