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User Info Here It Comes; entered at 2021-07-24 17:38:11
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If there comes a time, which I don't believe there will be, where they physically force people to get the phony "vaccine"

In China, for decades now, they have had forced abortions -- all the way through the ninth month. This has involved government workers coming to a woman's home, physically overwhelming her, and dragging her to an abortion clinic and tying her down. As she screams and kicks and fights. As neighbors watch and hear.

And those they don't manage to drag away in time... their houses have been burned down. Their children have been denied all rights and services, including school and health care. The husbands have been denied employment. These families are left to rely on the mercy of relatives.

And Joe Biden, years ago, BEFORE he had dementia, said he "doesn't judge" China -- they have an overpopulation problem and they "do what they have to do."

Never underestimate the evil of which people are capable.

And contrary to popular belief, it CAN happen here.

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