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User Info Here It Comes; entered at 2021-07-24 15:58:48
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Registered: 2013-07-18 United States
Retired Ver buddy not doing well at all. Family is trying to transfer him to MUSC, but they wont unless a doctor will accept him. Daughter and her husband went to see him and said the doctor and nurse were talking bad/making fun of him. Wife of Buddy called down there (she has Covid, but doing well) and nurse spoke to her like shit and said thats just the way she isblunt.

Wife says they are not doing much or providing any care. Another Covid patient is in same room.

This shit is beyond belief. Wife was calling my dads buddy to see if he could get some political pull or someone that can make something happen.

I did learn that Buddy was in bus wreck years back and had damage to his diaphragm and that wasnt helping nowcant really cough or whatever to clear lungs out. Oxygen sat drops whenever he tries to do anything.

2021-07-24 15:58:48