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User Info Well-Deserved Consequences; entered at 2021-07-10 20:56:49
Posts: 1358
Registered: 2021-05-01
What you are experiencing is gaslighting, Blackcrow. It is what we all have been experiencing. No, you do not need psychiatric help. And you are welcome. This little community exists as a resource and support and sounding board. I am thankful to our host Karl.

I am not sure where any of this ends. I thought if there were massive adverse consequences from the vaxx, that would stop the madness. But maybe not. None of us get out of this life alive but suicide by vaxx was not part of my life plan. I never could have predicted where we are.

Thank you for all your efforts. I am sure you have some competent colleagues who, for whatever reason, have fallen into a delusion of sorts. I hope for all of our sake they awaken - and soon. No, virology, human biology, epidemiology and genetics HAVE NOT changed.

Meanwhile, I will take "what is gaslighting for $1000, Alex."

Google it. You aren't crazy. You are being psychologically manipulated.
2021-07-10 20:56:49