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User Info There Are THREE Studies; All Showing Serious Harms; entered at 2021-05-02 12:31:58
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There is one serious thing to consider, one of my iron rules. The way to get caught is to steal a lot from one or very few. The way to get rich is to steal a little from many or as close to all as possible. As a corollary to this is another iron rule:

The more people harmed by a crime, the less likely that it can or will be prosecuted. The more people involved in a crime, the less likely that anyone can or will be prosecuted. The greater the size and/or number of institutions or organizations especially in terms of financial component of the or an economy, the less likely that society can or will desire to bear the costs of prosecution.

These have never been wrong. Some examples have been discussed in these pages over the years. Sure some person or percentage firm or institution will be served up as a sacrifice, however the vast majority always get away as they obtained buy-in from the above described players.

The civil courts adapt to this quite well. If every university and college in the country in documented form causes vexxing injury proof to come to even as little as dozens of students each and damages to educational goals to those expelled, the courts will magically not see the victims having standing regardless of the law as written. It is a self-healing system involving the sentiments of jurists, their courts and the legal community. Further, calls will be made, pressures applied and eventually no one will take the case to use the vernacular.

In the applied fields, no doctor will be held liable pointing to the authorities who told him to to do so, and the employer worship of the pseudo conservatives will meld nicely to the ad hoc logic of the left when some employer was simply doing the right thing as he was convinced. Yes, one or two might settle on some allowed technicality to give faint hope to someone damaged, however a not so subtle warning will be given to any potential litigant that his future with any employer is in doubt should he press his case.

Serious victims will be bought off and be on some govt program, specific to the injury or the general disability life. After all, we ultimately pay for it. Disgruntled people will find some way to play the system and never fight for ideals. Life will go on, even for the example cases.

How many disease and vaccine campaigns in the past caused massive injury and cost with commensurate liability to those in charge, making decisions and recommendations and profiting?

We did this multiple times in various ways with the 911 terrorist attacks, and no heads rolled. Germany and the holocaust was held up as an example, however the few convicted as those who did are not anywhere near all who did or benefited.

This has all happened before, and it will all happen again.
2021-05-02 12:31:58