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User Info So You Want To Believe The So-Called 'Experts'?; entered at 2021-03-27 10:22:24
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Registered: 2020-03-10 The great north woods
Great summation of the lies spewed by the "Central Leading Group for Propaganda and Ideology" of the "Party".

A little anecdote to add to the pile: My daughter (19) works as a CNA at a local nursing home. Of the 23 nurses who work there, only three chose to take the vaccine. And there is zero talk about staff having immunity from a previous infection, or antibody tests to determine that. Absolute insanity that these institutions have zero interest in actually preventing the spread via any method other than spending big money on PPE and vaccines. And obviously the health care workers of this country have their own "Mafia Group" aka "Party" aka "Union" who is obviously looking out for the best interest of it's members and nobody else.

Karl, are you following the AstraZeneca debacle? "The Party" is deliberately spreading BS daily, throwing that vaccine under the bus. You'd swear Donald Trump owned that vaccine. I'm pretty sure it's because it only costs a fraction of the other ones, $2 vs. $26 per dose.
2021-03-27 10:22:24