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User Info Shut Down Covid Right Now; entered at 2020-12-09 04:29:08
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Registered: 2019-01-27 A Van down by the River

And so it begins. American Airlines now requires a negative covid test in order to fly anywhere that has travel restrictions in place.

The "at home" test they offer costs the traveller $129 and you get to eat the associated costs of being positive. Their website doesn't say whether you can use your ticket after the 'quarantine period' of if you're forced to eat that cost and buy another ticket.

I expect this will spread to other airlines, likely as a requirement of receiving government bail out money.

The tests they link to are RT-PCR tests but I couldn't find any indication of what CT is used. So once again, the significant false positive rate will make things worse that what they are trying to prevent.

I imagine American Airlines will see a significant decline in revenue as a result of this, if not outright hostile passengers when they are denied transport for which they have already paid.

2020-12-09 04:29:08