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User Info Satanic Alternatives - America Does Not Deserve To Survive; entered at 2020-09-01 21:14:43
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My, My, MY! What do we have here?

From Breitbart and CLEARLY my prior statement becomes CLEARER!

"Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday that federal agents had picked up information alleging that "violent instigators" from outside Wisconsin were traveling to Kenosha to attack law enforcement amid protests sparked by the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake."

So some citizens step in and one, 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse, who is doing the JOB description "the security of a free States" in all likelihood took out the advanced elements of these "violent instigators" from outside Wisconsin ALL TO HELL in a PERFECT display of the JUDICIOUS USE OF DEADLY FORCE against DEADLY ATTACKS!

Probably why the dRats of Kenosha are PISSED at him and want to make sure no other citizens gets UPPITY IDEAS that they are anything other than chattel slaves of the PRIVILEGED ELITE CLASSES!

Breitbart link:

I am quite sure this above action of citizens will put the faux pandemic in the toilet from whence it came!

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