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User Info The End Of Trump; entered at 2020-06-29 13:48:11
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@Captainkidd -- For the most part, yes.

State Constitutions and Statutes differ. Many governors are flat-out IGNORING the limits in said Statutes, however. I will note that at the point such occurs the Federal Government, within its Constitutional DUTY to enforce "A Republican Form of Government" within all 50 states, is authorized to use any necessary force to put a stop to that, because once a state official does something like they have stepped outside the boundary of a "Republican Form of Government" (that is, one in which Statutes and Constitution control the boundaries of one's actions) and since there is a Constitutional DUTY for the Federal Government to enforce same that can be done using the lawful police powers and force of the Federal Government.
2020-06-29 13:48:11