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User Info Corruption Much? (NIH); entered at 2020-06-10 16:26:27
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Registered: 2020-02-07 Ohio
Well it just goes to show when push comes to shove those tough talkin conservatives will do nothing!!

I say this with a heavy heart, but I've seen it time and time again, the left no matter how childish their demands are, no matter how stupid and unethical their demands may be, they at least stand up and bitch!

Even if they look like 3 year olds throwing a fucking screaming fit in the store, they still make a stand!!

But hey where was those conservatives coming out in Mass to bitch about the covid crap lockdowns??

Oh sure they complained online, the radio shows as well as in forums, yes some really did protest, not with the numbers that the crybaby left has though!

Nope they couldn't take a day off and throw down to make a stand for freedom as well as free enterprise!

Like it or not they pussied out!

It just shows me more proof of what I've said to folks over the years privately...

And that would be that even if that red Dawn situation happened between us and our own government, most people won't do jack shit!

Yep they got arms and a boat load of ammo, they got tough talk over a beer but no guts!

Yeah say a typical street, say 5 houses on each side, Bob, bill and George have been "getting ready" and one day they get word the government is on the outskirts of town....

Well they grab their gear and head out on the front lawn, now they see the government costumes headed their way, then they see those forces only 500 yards away, well then it's time to start throwing lead!!

What happens??

Simple, Bob tells Bill to fire, Bill says, well why don't you? Then Bob and Bill look at George and says come on George, we're right here with you like we talked about!!

Okay folks, fuckin game over that hesitation has either gotten them killed, wounded or captured end of story!

of course I'm aware that there are people that really will make a stand when the time comes, however I think that we've had plenty of chances to make that stand perhaps nonviolently and we have failed to do so!

Yet the left at any moment gets triggered and throws a fuckin huge fit, about whatever they are whining about!

Meanwhile over in conservative land we only seem to talk about doing something with the scumbags who fuck us everyday, and have killed jobs liberty and ruined what could've been a fun summer!!

Yep the closing of fairs, festivals, carnivals and parks is nothing short of defacing America and yet here we the conservatives sit and only grumble!

Of course we're pacified with how we now have to side with the police because fit throwing Boogeycuck leftists want to do away with the police!!

Fuckitall 500mg
Take 2 tables daily knowing most people are infact retarded wimps who only talk a great game but won't actually do shit!!!

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