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User Info You Must Like Your Daily Sex; entered at 2020-05-18 19:53:19
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
tritumi - My knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture is very limited and because you have years worth of first hand living experiences I bow to your deeper understanding. So if I do not have things quite right please correct me.

Japan has a much more homogeneous culture with a more ridged social structure than America. Japanese are also more inclined to defer to those above them in social statutes. Wearing a mask has been common place in Japan for several years and like taking ones shoes off when entering a house is the socially exceptable practice.

Growing up I worked at a mom and pop pharmacy that stored products from the turn of last century. A cube of 100% cocaine issued by the U.S.Government, (he kept that one in his safe) Products that contained mercury and medical contraptions that most today would quickly conclude is quackery. Many of those items had a basis in science. There is a medical use for cocaine, mercury does kill off infections, that sort of thing. But just because there may be a specific use for these products in isolated situations,does not mean wide spread public use is good.

American's are not homogeneous and tend to believe they rebel against authority. And just as not taking one's shoes off when entering a house, wearing a mask in public is not something we are used to. Over the past few months we have seen people wear hankies of all colors, masks with different designs and even that diaper looking thing fauxi was wearing the other day. By in far American's are wearing theses things to virtual signal, see who is the coolest, or sadly utterly shame and humiliate others. In the end, how many people are wearing masks because they understand the science behind it, or in the case of the Japanese because they understand the gesture behind it?

I do not want to sit in Drifter's dental chair and have him tell me to open my mouth without seeing him wash up and (fresh) glove up. And I certainly want him to mask up. When our doctors, dentists and others who need to wear masks for patient safety are not able to, because Karen and Biff want to virtual signal they are better than me that does make them selfish.

There is a lot of quackery going on by our so called medical experts, masks, social distancing, contract tracking and the big one vaccines.

What will our future generations think of us when see what types of useless poisons we WILLING let monsters like gates and fauxi inject into us and our children.

With the Japanese culture being different than ours, I for the most part agree with Drifter and most (not all) American's are wearing/hording masks because they are being selfish bastards.

2020-05-18 19:53:19