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User Info You Must Like Your Daily Sex; entered at 2020-05-18 19:09:24
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Last, back to TP. Because the TP is always gone, and there's no possible way to store that much in our homes, and I never see people leaving the store with TP, I've come to the conclusion that the only reason for the TP shortage is because they're blocking it from even being distributed to the stores in any normal quantities in order to create the panic. Would love to ask a store general manager for confirmation, but I'm sure they've been told months ago to deny that the distribution is the issue.

Actually, that's one of those pesky little supply chain issues which our host has been talking about for months. There's a lot of weird interdependencies in the system and we have no idea where or what they are until they start breaking.

In this case, TP is made from wood pulp and wood pulping plants get their wood in the form of wood chips and cut-offs from saw mills. And since the entire construction industry is shut down there's no demand for wood so all the saw mills are idled, which means no wood chips & cut-offs, and everything downstream including TP goes bye-bye.
2020-05-18 19:09:24