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User Info We Must Run This To The Ground; entered at 2020-05-17 09:31:18
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Depression2020 wrote..
Another talking point related to China's CV19 response that is scandalous and provable, is that China actively tried to contain information and facts on the ground regarding CV19, with one goal being to acquire adequate PPE stockpiles.

Maybe not quite what you are saying but this made me think of a customer who came in to my Janitor supply store a few days ago. He had been in a few months ago (when the virus was only reported in China), asking for dust masks. I told him that a girl who appeared to be Chinese had come in a few days earlier and bought all I had. I thought it was funny at the time because I didn't realize how much they were going to be in demand.

He told me that after he had been in my store, he went to several paint stores and Home Depot looking for masks because he needed them for his job. Many of them had the same story as I did. A Chinese person had recently come in and cleaned them out, in some cases buying pallets full of product.
2020-05-17 09:31:18