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User Info We Must Run This To The Ground; entered at 2020-05-16 23:35:44
Posts: 172
Registered: 2015-12-10 Canada

What's your point? That innocent Americans would die in a nuclear war with China? That's on the head of the Chinese.

The Israeli nuclear deterrent is designed to ensure that the next attempt at a Holocaust is the last.

If the heathens will not accept the right of the Jews to exist, the Jews are prepared to see that the heathens will die with them---by wiping Moscow and St. Petersburg off the map, and letting the Soviet arsenal finish the job of destroying the heathen world, starting with its (even today breathtakingly anti-Semitic) ruling class.

If the Chinese do not accept the right of the blue-eyed devils to live in freedom, then the Chinese should be prepared to die with us. Simple as that.

We, the people's of North America and Europe, built industrial civilization, and everything on earth worth preserving. If we are not to be permitted to enjoy the fruits if our labour, far better that they be destroyed with us than that it fall into the enemy's hands.

Oh, and by the way---most of the Chinese ICBM's are aimed at Russia. Only a few have sufficient range to hit a few Mexifornian cities that needed demolishing anyway. If you're in Las Vegas, you might get to see Hollywood blown to kingdom come if you have good enough binoculars. Nothing of value will be lost.

Me? I live near the centre of the shambles that passes for the capital of the Chinese puppet state I'm ashamed to inhabit. I'll be one of the first to go in a global nuclear war. I have no wife and no children. I have no future in a world ruled by the Chinese. Bring it on.
2020-05-16 23:35:44