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User Info No, It's Not Going Away; entered at 2020-04-09 08:52:44
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Registered: 2020-04-09 Dudenhofen, Germany
I'm in Germany. I just listened to a streamed press conference "Corona-Studie Heinsberg: Virologe Streeck informiert" about the results of a study undertaken in the Nordrhein-Westfalen community of Heinsberg, where there has been a high instance of SARS-COVID2. The guys doing the test are not (obviously) affiliated to the Robert Koch Institute (similar to US - CDC), and seem to represent an independent, competent group of scientists.

500 people PCR test + blood antibody test

15% Infektionsrate (i.e. currently infected + immune) (In one test they worked out 20% immunity, but took that out because they wanted to be conservative concerns over false positives)

Lethality = 0.37% (John Hopkins say 1.98%)
Current Mortality = 0.06%

They think the Dunkelziffer (unknown number with immunity?) is probably very low.

They reccomend a gradual loosening of the restrictions. i.e. we reopen schools (presumably and firms), with the proviso that good hygiene is respected
6 to 18 months immunity so we need to get the the herd-immunity (60 to 70%) quickly, or the situation will drag on to infinity

They reiterate that this is a droplet infection, mostly transferred by sneezes and coughs. It can survive for a while on surfaces, but for infection it needs to be picked up and put into mouth/eyes.

I hope this information is in some way useful to you.
2020-04-09 08:52:44