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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-30 23:30:06
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Registered: 2012-12-05 Huntsville, AL
Yes, @Trinityalpsgal, I am a sort of "get directly to the point" fellow, who also understands there are often "fits and starts" along the way. Of course, there's always the pressure of time, and the time remaining to "get something done (right or wrong, maybe not)" is probably quite short.

I agree wholeheartedly with your idea that getting traction with the idea of permanency is exactly the prescription. Congress can pass all kinds of new acts, and Presidents can sign them into law, but what can any of that possibly mean in the face of very old black-letter law that has been ignored for far too long?

Maybe part of the attack (and I can only call it that) is to force the issue toward the idea that if a law exists, but is not going to be enforced, then why not abandon it formally and entirely, rather than keeping it around as a useless husk, dried and brittle and dead, that will never be used. The opposition understands quite well that this is an asymmetric war in which we are involved; we certainly must understand that as well. The opposition gets the idea that pressure is aptly applied where and when it will have the most effect, and relieved when it does not have effect, if only to be renewed when its effectiveness grows again.

The enemy is clever, and smart, they are facile and can appear to be anything they wish. But in the face of Truth, they cannot appear to represent the Truth.

So the idea is to choose the battlefield and the fight, to consolidate and focus when and where possible, and to move forward with the war as we can create opportunity, or as it is presented to us. Is doing so a deceptive act? Of course it is. Is it also a war? Of course it is.

Now let us prosecute the war, for the hour is late.
2017-03-30 23:30:06