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User Info In A World Of Monsters, Hypocrisy Reigns; entered at 2014-03-08 01:34:10
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Registered: 2012-06-30 Republic of Texas
I was taught that slavery was on its way out due to technology. What I did not learn, or actually understand, was how much the Federal Government was dependent on Southern taxes until just a few months ago.

We drove to Vicksburg for a vacation this summer. The memorial park there had a damn victory mosque erected from Chicago. You read the brochures about how the park was supposed to be a monument to reunited brothers. All I saw was a bunch of "in your face" to the impoverished South. Many of those old veterans were still alive when it was built. Can you imagine the humiliation?

Another thing I noticed was how poor Mississippi is. You go to the old Court House museum in Vicksburg and you can see a bit of the other side of the story of the war. I was always taught what a vicious racist Jefferson Davis was. No mention was ever made of the worse racist talk from Lincoln's lips or how Davis was more like Washington. And it was shocking to see how wealthy Vicksburg was at the time! Those days are long gone and Davis's hometown was well and truly punished. And now Mississippi is nothing but a welfare state. Jackson, the capitol, leaches off whatever productivity is there. The Jackson museums were full of the usual lies and a healthy dose of Marxism.

Sometimes it feels like everything I was ever taught was a lie and I grew up in a mere echo of the United States.

FYI, if you want to vacation in Mississippi, try Natchez. It is charming and Vicksburg can be a daytrip. Every single person I met there was super friendly and I am from Texas, a friendly state already!
2014-03-08 01:34:10