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User Info On The Ukranian Situation; entered at 2014-02-23 12:52:59
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I don't know if she's right or wrong but here's the thing -- I have absolutely no doubt at all that both Russia and the US are tampering with things over there.

It doesn't matter, really. Both are wrong in that regard as the people of the country have the right to decide their own destiny -- and their government.

Point being they have the right to that decision but also the consequences. A partition makes the most sense, frankly, but that would expose what's really going on here -- there are those who produce and those who do not. Separate those who do not from those who do and suddenly there's a big problem for the former, and they have only two choices -- die or start producing.

What's going on now is untenable; shooting people en-masse because they disagree with you doesn't work for very long. Oh sure, there are places where it APPEARS to work (e.g. N. Korea) but tell me -- how much of that country is lit up at night?

That might explain a few things eh?

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2014-02-23 12:52:59