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User Info It's Called Evolution, Gentlemen (Tickerforum Changes); entered at 2013-09-30 12:15:21
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There are at least a dozen truly awesome real life examples of how to work the problem in this thread - people who have chosen to walk the walk.

Not that hard really. I grabbed a few acres a couple of years back, got a spring fed pond. Out of the way. Blew a 300 ft driveway in last sept. Got the lot leveled. Taxes are a bit over $400 a year. The town (pop 972 people) where my new digs will be is actually closing their one room school next year.
No police, no fire dept, No stop lights. I'm on a class 6 road, so no snow removal, which is not a problem for me anyway...less taxes.

Four part time worker bees who volunteer to work in town hall...might be 5 when I get there.

I drive a hoopty Dodge with the Cummins in it. Got the zena underhood welder which doubles as a 200 amp generator. Just moved my business "on paper" to the new location. My tax liability in State here was basically zero since I do contract work for dealers in state, so no sales tax given to the State in about 10+ years. Most of my bizz is out of State again, no taxes paid into this hell hole.

Goin' Galt really is not that hard to do. I've always lived an extremely austere lifestyle anyway so it was no great change for me. Gonna build my new workshop "on wheels" 10 FT x 40 FT, so no permanent structure on the new property to get taxed...LOL. Everything by the book. Legal. No friggin foot print.

Got together with a whole group of pissed off business people, primarily in my industry last month down south, road the Blue Ridge PKWY, we came up with some rather excellent LEGAL ways to starve the beast. Think outside the box and it is easy. Like I used to say.... when swimming in a river of ****, do not swim upstream, head for shore.

Very easy to do.
2013-09-30 12:15:21