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 Resolving The AI Ethics Problem
Raven 18k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2023-04-12 10:49:18

Karl, very well said.

Would add that there be a requirement where anything goes "out of scope" that said be publicly disclosed, documented and disconnected from the original pathways of social connection. Personally i would have legislation where anything achieving said must be isolated and in the absence of said, destroyed.

Neal in Australia does not understand that the sentiments of a sovereign determine how it deals with the human agents and their assets and access. The Chinese might have an issue with breaches and hacks leading to internal access to things outside of their border, however their effectiveness is still great and sets the tone for their standards of civil behavior regardless of what we think of them. They also have hammers to deal with agents of said as influencers are nearly always connected to a definite in-border interest or desire for said.

The easy way to understand the dynamic of this technology is viewing it through a lens amplifying human culture. Take a place such as TF. There is a definite culture here, and i have mentioned it here previously and exist a little bit as an outsider which makes me attuned to the nuance. All group opinion activities tend to self-select and reinforce themselves internally. They also police and exclude and further develop and refine their cultures oftentimes astonishing their users as to how far they have integrated among themselves. Sometimes their users do not realize the extent of this and assume their discourse to be the greater societal norm and then ... ego as it must be better.

Now a technology exists, but why? Humans have a need, and from the first suburban expansion have felt a void often unfulfilling from its earliest consumer days to patriotism to, now, social causes as a stand-in for patriotism. Some have tried school districts and their general and universal group religions but to no avail. Others, often more recent immigrants, attempt with extended family to limited success.

The human connection needs deep, long lived, land based cultural connection or else this effect exists as an occurrence of randomness. Yes, random to a large degree.

With the example of the "trans" this or that, it is merely that something shocking filled the greater problem: the void.

The problem of living in the void is that the mind fills in the details picking up snippets here and there which are most salient.

TV did this for a long while. I called it that the Internet at consumer access would displace it and do even more. Then we would have all sorts of deviations from norms from mild differing interests to truly weird stuff. Here is the scary part.

It is merely a matter of random event what people discover, and then if it is right to fill their hole, they run with it and integrate into their lives.

The brilliance in Karl's article is something that he forgets to mention, yes by accident.

Once people know that something is really not that common as held opinion, a greater percentage will go elsewhere and often to facts.

It is why so much degenerate and downright sick stuff got into once respectable people once AOL became a thing. They no longer had to turn to their neighbors and close contacts and ask, "Hey are you into Coprophagia," and get the mitigating response, perhaps getting said by not daring to even ask, but could get the void filled without all of the other cues. This is based a lot in the construct created by "The Matrix" movie series where the greater society fell in love with the concept that they could experience things without the consequences and then go back to life carrying none of the baggage of the mistake or the work to achieve experience of said and live with it.

This AI threat is based in the logical extension of the above where splinter groups can make their niche more real to them by making it more real to others, the ultimate example of imposition of ego through an artificially amplified narcissistic narrative. Narcissists live to impose their narrative on society. They are driven to do this. Now groups and their leaders can artificially do this and seem greater in number than they are in reality. It is not only too tempting but a logical extension of what they already do and have always done.

Now they have a tool, and it is up to us to remind them, the greater society and ourselves that all, including groups, are small and should keep stuff to themselves and ourselves lest all be shown to be a tiny minority and often out-of-step with the greater society and at least not as influential as might be wished or worthy of tolerance, including here.

"The Matrix" movies existed to tell people that they were more than they really were with much more to contribute than they could at the time.

The greater society is supposed to, and people like me exist, to tell them that they are not.

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